Monday, May 28, 2012

Hobb Sized Adventures: A New T&T Solo Blog

Hobb Sized Adventures is an exciting new blog by Charlie Flemming (aka Charrl Flemmning) that promises to feature micro-solo adventures for Tunnels and Trolls.

The first installment is Tomb of the Toad, an 11-paragraph tomb-raid solo. This adventure starts the way I love solos to start, right in the middle of the action. Fleeing from a creature too tough to fight you find yourself lost in a marsh. You then stumble upon an ancient tomb. What else is a delver to do but to go inside? What follows is an excellent adventure full of danger, hazards, and likely death. No one said a delvers life would be long. There are more that a few creatures waiting to make a meal out of your character and all are well suited to the setting. The writing is very good and the descriptions of the tomb are superb. Be aware that the adventure is linear in nature which is largely a byproduct of it's small size; once you start down a path there is no option for turning around, although you could easily do this yourself by mapping your progress and recording the paragraph numbers. There are a few typos here and there as well as some missing words, but nothing serious. Finally, the victory paragraph is lacking a definitive end. If you'd like to have one, I recommend reading the last few sentences of paragraph 10. Overall, Tomb of the Toad is a very good solo and an excellent example of what can be done in less than 20 paragraphs. I look forward to seeing and playing more of these solos in the future.

Charlie promises new solos about every two weeks and has invited submissions from others. There is also a chance of solos for other game systems such as BEAN! and Awesomesauce!

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  1. Every 2 weeks? That's a lot of writing & creativity even if it's under 20 paragraphs. Can't wait to try the solo-in fact, I'm headed there now.