Friday, January 22, 2010

Public Domain Friday

In keeping with this weeks theme of armor, I present some public domain images of warriors in various types of armor. In any solo adventure you are sure to need images of warriors, either representing the character involved, foes to be defeated, allies to converse with, or just the random bystander.

These illustrations also demonstrate the different types an amounts of armor (and weapons) worn by warriors in different cultures and times. Most warriors were not armored from head to toe but may have only had a mail shirt (with or without sleeves) and a simple helmet, as illustrated by the Assyrian archer and Frankish spearman. Even that armor was expensive and difficult to come by. Greeks and Roman heavy infantry had what may be considered 'full suits' of armor with protection for the head, torso, arms, and legs, but this was by no means the rule. The soldier on the bottom left is one of my favorites because he is wearing a complex suit of armor which incorporates several different styles including scale, splint, and mail armor. He is the one warrior here that seems to shout 'Delver!' Of course most public domain illustrations of warrior are those of European knights, many shown in field plate. There are a few that show knights of the Early Middle Ages and Crusades wearing full suits of mail or scale. But these are wealthy nobles who could afford such high-priced items. Most delvers are far from noble.

So use your armor to do more than protect your warrior from swords, spears, and arrows. Use your armor to help define who he or she is and their place in the world.

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