Friday, January 8, 2010

Public Domain Friday

I wanted to have a fun weekly feature on this blog so I can have at least one guaranteed post each week. I decided to share some of my favorite public domain clip art.

I have to give credit to JongJungBu (aka Patrick Witmer) for pointing out some of the sites where these images can be found. Two of my favorite sites are A Clipart History and Karen's Whimsy. Both contain hundreds of public domain images of ancient to medieval cultures, animals, and some creatures from mythology and fantasy. All of them are of very good quality. Some can be used to illustrate writing projects. JJB has used these images to wonderfully illustrate two of his solo adventures (Barony of Sanris and Dark Side of the Desert). I've included a few in my solo adventures as well. Of course they're not all suitable, but they are at least good for inspiration. Getting an idea for a good solo adventure is often the hardest part. Looking through these pictures always gives me a few good ideas for an encounter if not an entire solo.

I think the first image I've chosen sums up the solo adventurer pretty well: a lone warrior moving through a ruined city. Then the questions start. Why is he there? What is he looking for? Did the ship in the distance drop him off or is it someone chasing him? What's that in the darkness behind the pillar? Good stuff.


  1. Yay! Another T&T blog to follow! Great post, there's a lot of good public domain images out there!

    By the way, I'm known as Charrdd in Trohalla and SonofThor on Vin's Troll Bridge.

  2. hi dan i wanted to know if you were the illustrator of these images, or if they are okay to use on certain things such as clothing, please let me know because i really love these images