Thursday, January 14, 2010

Back to Writing

My writing was put on hold as I prepared my first two solos for publication (a time-consuming undertaking), but now I have some time for it again. I am currently working on two new solos for Tunnels and Trolls. The first is a full length (~200 paragraph), bounty hunting adventure that I have been outlining for a few months now. For this solo I'm drawing a lot of inspiration from spaghetti westerns. It won't be quite as dark as my previous two solos, but there will be plenty of action. The other solo is a short adventure (~50 paragraph) entitled, Just One of Those Nights. This adventure is based on a walk from a tavern back to the inn in the dead of night. What could go wrong? I am writing this solo for the second issue of the Trollzine, a fanzine being put together by a number of people at the Trollbridge. I'm pretty amazed at how quickly this project has come together. The first issue of the Trollzine was filled in a matter of days. It certainly says a lot about the drive and creativity of the people involved.

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  1. Very much look forward to seeing that solo.

    Trollzine is at the tricky pre production stage now, but i have high hopes for it :)