Thursday, January 7, 2010

Links, links, and more links

I'm working on posting some of my more frequently used links to T&T related sites, blogs, and online solo adventures. If nothing else, this will allow me to better organize them for my own use. Anything has to be better than my overflowing Bookmark folders. Ideally it could draw people to sites they might otherwise not have visited. That being said, what sites have I missed? I sure there are many, and I plan to update my links regularly.

I especially wanted to put together a complete list of online solos, since this blog is focused on solitaire gaming. There are a surprising number of them actually. Some are original Flying Buffalo solos (Buffalo Castle, Labyrinth, Sorcerer's Solitaire, and Dargon's Dungeon) and others are original creations. I must say my current favorite is The Eye of the Serpent by Andy Holmes (aka Boozer of Hobgoblin Tavern) located on Andrew James' Gristlegrim site. If you have not played it you should definitely give it a try. You just can't beat trying to sneak into a snake cult's temple to rob them; just don't get too greedy. Goblin Grotto by Dan Mattos is an excellent "learn as you play" solo adventure similar in style to the solos found at the beginning of Metzner's Basic D&D book. It is specifically designed for a starting character (and player) and is often (gasp!) survivable. It would make a pretty good addition to the Free RPG Day project, in my opinion.


  1. Note, Gristlegrim is not Ken's site.

  2. Whoops, quite right. It is maintained by Andrew James.

  3. Did you ever have any luck with tracking down a working copy of Goblin Grotto? I'm looking to learn to play solo and would love to give it a go.

  4. I'm afraid not JayC. It worked when I posted it, but the site has gone down since then.

    I'd recommend Buffalo Castle or Eye of the Serpent for starter solos.