Tuesday, June 10, 2014

1st Edition T&T Reprint PDF Released

Flying Buffalo has released a PDF version of the 1st edition Tunnels & Trolls rules. This is a reprint of the original rules written by Ken St. Andre in 1975 complete with the original artwork by Rob Carver plus a couple of newer ones.

The 1st edition rules hold up rather nicely after 39 years and the differences between this rules set and the 5th and 7th edition rules are minimal. While some of the details have changed, the basic mechanics have not. The basic game is covered over the first 16 pages of the rulebook which includes rules for character creation, basic equipment, weapons, and armor, saving rolls, combat, monsters, and dungeon creation. A 21-page elaborations section covers rules for nonhuman kindred including hobbits, fairies, and leprechauns (the original Peters-McAllister Chart), magic, spell lists, advanced weapons and armor tables, and berserk fighting. It does take a fair amount of house-ruling to make the game work effectively. The 1st edition rules lack the details of running a game that were included in the 5th edition rules, for example. For a good example of how these blanks can be filled in, check out Burke's 1st Edition Wild Lands Game at the Trollbridge

The PDF of the 1st edition T&T rules are available from the Flying Buffalo storefront at RPGNow for only $1.95. If you backed the Deluxe T&T Kickstarter you should have received a code for a free copy. Either way, getting a copy of this piece of RPG history is easy and should not be passed up.

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  1. I'll have to pick up a copy. I have several versions, but I don't have the original.