Sunday, June 15, 2014

Free T&T Supplements Links

I've added new list of links to the column to the right for Free T&T Supplements. These links lead to online tools and free downloadable supplements to help with your T&T games, both solo and GM. You can find the link to access the abridged version of the T&T rules which comes with the solo adventure Goblin Lake and the GM adventure Riverboat Adventure, the fantastic online character generator at Ardenstone Adventures, the online dice rolled (it even handles DARO) at Eposic, the T&T fanzines TrollsZine! and The Snollygoster, an online version of the abridged T&T rules, a nice T&T character sheet from Darkshade Publishing, and a series of supplements from Khaghbboommm Press including world maps, a summary of different T&T PC kindreds, and a handy spellbook containing all of the various T&T spells included in previous editions.

All of these supplements are sure to add something extra to your game and also make a nice way to introduce new players to T&T. You can get a lot of fun out of the abridged rules, online character generator, online dice roller, and the many adventures and house rules to be found in TrollsZine! and The Snollygoster.

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