Wednesday, June 18, 2014

New Small Press T&T Releases

There have been  a number of new releases from various T&T small publishers over the last few months including four solo adventures, four GM adventures, and new 'zine, and a monster supplement. It's great to see so much publishing and creative activity especially in the realm of GM adventures which tend to be less common for T&T. Best of all, you could get PDFs all 10 items for only $26.

Darkshade Publishing

Meandering Monsters 
Meandering Monsters is a supplement for the Tunnels & Trolls™ role-playing system. Scenarios, monsters, articles, and other features have been designed for use with the 7.5 rules edition. Material can easily be adapted to earlier editions of T&T as well as other role-playing systems.
Featured in Volume 1:
Monsters: Creeping Crawler, Hippogriff, Lizardmen of the Great Forest
GM Scenarios: A Hole in the Ground, For a Few Scales More
New Spells: Grab That, Don't Go There
New Magic Items: Conduit (sword), Warden (shield)
Game Aids: Baggage, Character Sheet, Simplified Hits Table
PDF: $4.75
Print: $8.06

Rarr! I'm a Monster Publishing

Monster Menagerie
Monster Menagerie is a collection of 8 new player character kindreds for Monsters! Monsters! and Tunnels & Trolls.  Be a Prometheous, Shroom Kin, Darlk Walker, or Eeek!
Features a cover and artwork by Jon Towers!
PDF $1.99

Peryton Publishing

Cave of the People Eater
A GM adventure for Tunnels & Trolls.
A day's ride from the town of Rangle, dwells an ancient evil. Of course that is the direction every adventurer wants to go. This mini-scenario involves the tradition of T&T's deadly purple beasts, so be warned. Suitable for 5-7th Levels using any edition of the game. Great for convention play.
Half the proceeds go to the Jeff Freels Kidney Fund.
PDF: $1.00

The Froggy Island Horror
A GM adventure for Tunnels & Trolls
On the island Dunmorrin, a few miles south from the shores of the Dragon continent, the strange sorcerer Belvidore delved into magicks best left untapped. To this very day, his experiments make the island a dangerous place, which is why it's the place to be. Come get your dose of cosmic terror and sword and sorcery in this scenario.
PDF: $2.99

Candlelight and Murky Water
Keeping the Swamp of Doom from going over to the dark side has never been easy. The crocodile folk and the demons aren't helping.
This scenario is set in Scott Malthouse’s Peakvale campaign setting. While it can be incorporated into any other T&T world, such as Trollworld or Elder, we recommend that you check out Trollish Delver Games for details first. The player characters should either have Combat Adds of 50 or more or be able to cast at least a couple of 3rd level spells. It is assumed that the players have survived the Temple of the Hag but the scenario can just as easily be played as a standalone adventure.
It should be noted that while this scenario is designed for T&T 7 and 7.5, it can easily be adjusted to any edition.
PDF: $2.25

Trollish Delver Games

Plague of the Dread Acolyte
Darkness has fallen over Rookwood. Creatures that were once people prowl the streets in search of flesh, in search of others to turn. What is the evil secret behind this plague that has descended on the idyllic village? It's up to the players to find out as they make their way into a nightmare that has only just begun to unravel.
Plague of the Dread Acolyte is the first in an episodic series of adventures designed to be played in one session. This adventure is part of Season One of the Mask of Destiny campaign, with three adventures per season - more coming in the future.
Plague of the Dread Acolyte can fit perfectly into your current Tunnels & Trolls campaign, or it can be used to start the Mask of Destiny campaign.
This adventure is designed for use with 5th or 7th edition Tunnels & Trolls. It will also be compatable with the future Deluxe Tunnels & Trolls.
PDF: $1.02


The Goblin Cave
Do you remember when you were 13 and how the world seemed a simpler yet more wondrous place? Here is the first offering by a new player who wanted to take the reigns and do something more interesting than his classmates for an English project.
If you think the odd saving roll is too demanding, take the advice of the legendary Mad Roy Cram and cheat egregiously!

Two Bites at the Cherries
Dare you enter Old Man Gruber's garden to impress the other kids in your new neighbourhood? If you get some of his precious cherries the guys will follow your lead and the girls will be putty in your hands. And then there's Gruber's house for the truly fearless... Boys disappear in this town, at least they fo if they mess with Gruber.
A Tunnels & Trolls solo adventure for new immature characters - the rewards are to die for and so are the dangers.
Illustrated by Stanley Ditko.
PDF: $2.99

Joy Ride
Ken played this one for a while by email. Any level character, nit made for magic. You arrive at a city filled with whacky characters when it is being plagued by theft. Can you get to the bottom of the mystery without getting killed? High on humour, particularly good for nostlagia if you are English, this is a big edventure which has a soft heart - you may well get saved from death time and time again so the fun can go on!
Packed with new art and introducing the duck-kin, you might even wind up as a second hand cart dealer.
PDF: $2.99

David Ullery

Fractured Fairy Tales
Think you know your classic fairy tales? Well, think again!  Over 30 fairy tales and fables get the RPG treatment and become "fractured" and twisted in this Tunnels & Trolls adventure. Just shy of 300 paragraphs and containing almost 50 new, never before seen illustrations (with at least one illustration per page). This Mega Solo can be played in groups, but was made for solo adventurers, and can be used for quick in-and-out time saving adventures or as a longer "dungeon crawl." It is also easily adaptable for not only any edition of the T&T rules, but other RPG game systems as well.  Also, it is easily "leveled up" for more advanced characters, but made for 1st to 3rd level warriors.
PDF: $5.99
Print: $9.99

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