Sunday, May 18, 2014

dT&T Adventurers Compendium

Flying Buffalo has released another of it's adventure books as part of the Deluxe Tunnels and Trolls Kickstarter campaign. The Adventurer's Compendium includes nine solo adventures and three game master adventures taken from the pages of Sorcerer's Apprentice published between 1978 and 1983. The book contains:

Solo Adventures

Kingmaker by Michael Stackpole
Seven Ayes by Ken St. Andre
Golden Dust, Red Death by Michael Stackpole
A Sworded Adventure by Ken St. Andre
Stop Thief! by Michael Stackpole
Thief for Hire by Robert Schofield
The Legend of the (adj) (n) by Liz Danforth
First Command by Ken St. Andre
Hot Pursuit by Michael Stackpole

Game Master Adventures

SeaReaver's Tomb by Liz Danforth
The Tomb of Axton by Paul Ryan O'Connor
The Black Dragon Tavern by Michael Stackpole

The solo adventures have been edited, revised, and updated for the new dT&T rules. The solos from SA were all pretty short (15-20 paragraphs) and scattered through the pages of the magazine. In the Adventurer's Compendium, the paragraphs of all nine solo adventures have been mixed together to prevent accidental (or not so accidental) reading of critical paragraphs and spoiling of the adventure. There is quite a bit of artwork mixed in as well, some old and some new. The GM adventures appear as they did in the original SA magazines with some short items and articles from SA as well.

As a bonus, the pocket adventure Circle of Ice by Pauk Creelman has also been included. This solo has also been tweaked to run with dT&T and also includes some new art by Steve Crompton. The original cover for Circle of Ice was used as the cover for the Adventurer's Compendium.

You can pick up a PDF of all of this classic T&T material from the Flying Buffalo store at RPGNow for only $4.95. If you were a backer of the Kickstarter campaign you should have gotten a copy for free; but $4.95 is pretty close to free given the amount of material included in this book.

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  1. It's such a treat to have this compendium. It's much more playable than the original adventures in the SA magazines. And the updates are most welcome. It's be great in the future to have other compendiums for mini solo adventures.