Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Lone Delver Games GM Day Sale at RPGNow

RPGNow is currently having it's GM Day Sale through March 15. Most publishers have put some or all of their catalogs on sale for 30% off. If there's ever a time to pick up those items you've had sitting in your Cart or Wish List it's now.

I've put the two GM adventures in my Lone Delver Games catalog on sale, The Dungeon of the Rat and Skolari Vaults both by Mike Hill. As usual for these two titles, all profits earned from their sale will be donated to the Jeff Freels Transplant Fund.

Many other T&T publishers have also put their books on sale. You can find just about everything T&T that is available at RPGNow here.


  1. Finally picked up Skolari Vaults. Sweet!

  2. The Dungeon of the Rat is a favourite of mine, but where is Hogscape? I haven't heard any news from him for ages.