Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Updates to Free Adventure Lists

It's been a while since I updated the lists of free T&T adventure links to the right; not since July of last year! There have been a lot of new free solos released in that time and even a couple of GM adventures.

In TrollsZine! #7 there was a solo adventure by J.C. Lambert, The Wizards Hut, and a GM adventure by Tori Berquist, The Ruins of the Castle Pynnesse.

New free releases at RPGNow include the solos Legends of Ogul-Duhr II: The Hidden Halls by Andy Holmes from Tavernmaster Games and Mark Thornton's Longest Night from Khaghbboommm Press. There is also a GM adventure, Keep of Count Habbish, by Douglas Mitten also from Khaghbboommm Press.

Charlie Flemming has released seven new mini-solos through his Hobb Sized Adventures blog, including Oasis of Dust, Dungeon of Deathtrap Doors, Duchy of the Drakes, Tomb of the Unexpected, When the Hero Saves the Princess, The Night That Brought Evil, and Black Friday. As always, these solos are only about 20 paragraphs long but most contain lots of random elements so that there is a lot of potential for re-playability.

It's great to see so much material being generated for T&T. The fact that so much of it is made available for free is pretty amazing. They make a great way to introduce new players to the game. My thanks to all of the authors and publishers who make this possible.

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  1. Hey there, thanks for posting this stuff. Always great to find ways to expand your T&T games. Do you know where I might find Millenniums & Mutations? The website in the link appears to be down....