Tuesday, February 11, 2014

But What About That Dragon?

A good question. Just how powerful is the dragon that Frederick is about to face? Does he stand a chance or is Frederick just another in a long line of self-delivering meals?

Dragons are a very special kind of monster in my opinion. They should not be thrown about haphazardly by GMs and they should never be taken lightly by players regardless of their age, size, or apparent strength. Sure most dragons look ferocious and deadly, but the power they possess goes far beyond their obvious physical attributes.

The dragon pictured here looks small as far as dragons go in comparison to the warrior standing against him. But the cloud of gas being released from his nostrils speaks of hidden powers. What about those sharp fangs; do they deliver more than a simple bite? Those scales are likely quite sturdy and may easily turn the sharpest blade. The dragon's small size also hints at quickness and speed, while it's large eyes show signs of great intellect. Dragons are magical creatures, and many have learned the use of spells; this one is likely no different. I think Frederick has his work cut out for him. Meet Eitr.


ST 40 DEX 80 CON 60 SPD 80 INT 80 LK 40 WIZ 80
CHR 20

ADDS: +192

ATTACK: Teeth, claws, and talons (9D6 total).

ABILITIES: Poison gas cloud (same as the spell Smog, costs 10 WIZ; creates a 40' diameter cloud of poison gas; any character or creature caught in the cloud must make a L4SR on CON or lose half their CON or MR; each subsequent turn requires another L4SR on CON or the victim loses 1 CON; roll each turn until the SR is made); Venom (any character taking CON damage from a physical attack must make a L4SR on current CON or take an additional 4D6 in damage; armor offers no protection); Scaly Hide (30 hits protection)

MAGIC: Detect Magic, Hold That Pose, Oh Go Away, Oh There It Is, Take That You Fiend!, Poor Baby, Spirit Mastery, Blasting Power

DESCRIPTION: Eitr was born in the Great Swamp. Like all dragons he was left to fend for himself, hatching into a cruel world filled with creatures that sought to eat him before he had a chance to grow. But Eitr was too fast, too quick, and too deadly for them. More than one felt the sting of his venom. Eitr gorged himself on those foolish enough to think him easy prey. He grew and soon he was the hunter and all in the swamp fled before him. As he matured and his intellect grew, raising him above the level of the simple beasts around him, Eitr began to hunger for more. He felt the desire for power, knowledge, and wealth. Eitr left the Great Swamp and went in search of richer prey. While wandering the lands of humans, Eitr learned their language and acquired a taste for their flesh. He was able to convince some humans to teach him the ways of magic before he filled their veins with venom and feasted on their innards. Eitr then chose to stop his wandering. He found a large population of humans suitable to keep him fed, to provide him with treasure, and to provide him with entertainment. Eitr attacked the town several times, slaughtering their warriors and blasting the few Wizards the human leaders sent against him. Finally Eitr made the humans an offer; he would stop his attacks if they brought him sacrifices of food, gold, jewels, and magic every season. The humans agreed without hesitation and so Eitr has lived in a large cavern outside the town and has been brought everything he desired for years. But now he has grown bored. He remembers the joy of hearing the humans scream and seeing them fall. The memories are there, but they have faded. It is time to make new memories.

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