Friday, February 7, 2014

New Lone Delver

In keeping with the theme of legendary monsters, our new lone delver is facing off with a dragon. Ok, it's a small dragon, but even small dragons are dangerous. This one is sure to have some hidden secret, otherwise someone else would have killed it already.

Instead of simply discussing the art, I thought I would start fleshing out some of these lone delvers and making them come to life as T&T characters.

This warrior certainly does not look that impressive. I imagine that he must have some magic up his sleeve (or in his hands) to have the confidence to take on this dragon by himself. His sword and helmet are the most obvious candidates. The warrior's overall lack of armor is also interesting; he only wears a short mail shirt in addition to his helmet and a target shield. This could be a sign of poverty; armor is expensive after all. The sword and helmet were likely found on some previous delve. Maybe he was the only survivor and got to keep all of the hard won loot for himself? With his newly found power, this warrior may be seeking a quick payoff. What better victim than a dragon? It appears that this warrior is going to just charge the dragon; that may not be the best idea. But maybe he has something else in store for the beast? Is he just trying to lure it out of his cave? Perhaps there's a ballista waiting just out of view?

Here is our lone delver as T&T 7.5 edition character:

Frederick Halfacre

TYPE: Warrior

STR 60 (30) DEX 25 CON 40 SPD 30 INT 15 LK 35 CHR 7 (14) WIZ 13

ADDS: +108

ATTACK: 9D+112

ARMOR: 26 (13)

TALENTS: Endurance (CON+4); Brawling (ST+3); Gambling (LK+6)

Weapons: Skaere (Broadsword): a blade of exceptional sharpness that cuts through steel as though it were cloth (has the effect of a permanent Whammy spell) (9D+4, STR15 DEX10, 120 wu), 2 Dirks (2D+1, STR1 DEX4/10, 16 wu)

Armor: Haubergeon (4 hits, STR4, 240 wu), Greaves (2 hits, STR2, 20 wu), Target shield (4 hits, STR10, 300 wu), Helm of the Bull: grants the wearer the strength of a bull; unfortunately it also grants the smell of a bull, which is generally not well received (x2 STR; x0.5 CHR) (3 hits, STR2, 50 wu)

Other Equipment: Sandals

Background: Frederick was one of four sons of a poor farmer. His family worked a half an acre of land, barely growing enough to keep them alive. Frederick grew tired of the life of a poor farmer and set out to seek his fortune as a wandering adventurer. He was strong, healthy, quick, and lucky (in a way), so even though he left home with only a knife and some homemade armor, he survived long enough to earn some formal training in combat. But despite his relative success, Frederick was never able to hold on to the gold he won often gambling it away or spending it quickly at expensive inns and fine taverns. On his last delve, Frederick entered an ancient catacomb with some new comrades. After a long search, many encounters with the living dead, and several deaths, they finally found a trove of magical treasure. It was there that Frederick claimed Skaere and the Helm of the Bull. His surviving comrades, a Wizard and a Rogue, wanted nothing to do with either item. With these new weapons, Frederick felt as though he could make one big score and retire in luxury. There was a dragon terrorizing a nearby town. The townspeople had been appeasing the dragon for years by giving it tribute in gold, silver, and livestock. Recently the dragon had started attacking the town again. The townspeople were now offering a large reward to anyone who would kill the dragon. They were promising a manor, land, servants, and all of the treasure the dragon had been given or taken over the years. It was too good of an offer for the son of a poor farmer to refuse. All he had to do was kill a dragon.