Thursday, July 18, 2013

Two New T&T GM Adventures from Furious Rabbit

Furious Rabbit? Don't worry Bors, it won't take your head off. It's simply the name of a new small press T&T publisher on RPGNow run by Peter Seckler. Peter has already released two GM adventures for T&T 7.5 (of course these can be easily used with any edition) this month, Crystal of Mythrynyx and Seal of Ceron. Both offer something a bit different from your standard fantasy adventure. Crystal of Mythrynyx is a large adventure (61 rooms on 3 levels) that starts out as a standard dungeon crawl, but quickly turns into a descent into another dimension. This adventure has a lot of tough and unique opponents to overcome, but also includes some really nice puzzles, a few with player handouts, that take some thought and dexterity as well as (my favorite) an insanity table. Seal of Ceron is a shorter adventure (playable in one session), but no less interesting. The characters are hired by a mysterious leprechaun to copy some magical runes from a stone hidden away in a sea cave. Once that is done, however, the stone must be destroyed. It sounds simple enough, but who are your employers? This adventure also has the appearance of a standard dungeon-crawl, but there are some nice twists, turns, plenty of puzzles and mysteries to solve, as well as an outdoor adventure component.

You can pick up both adventures from the Furious Rabbit storefront at RPGNow for only $0.99 each. At that price there's no reason not to check these out.

Crystal of Mythrynyx

"What begins as a simple descent into unknown adventure, soon becomes a delve into the mind of the mad wizard Hypernicles..Strange rivalries, horror and madness abound!"

What we have here is a truly old-school classic GM adventure for Tunnels & Trolls 7.5. There are 2 main levels, and one sublevel. There are 61 detailed rooms, wandering monsters, treasures, interesting puzzles, and devious traps! Psionics, aliens, and necromancy are major themes to this dungeon as well! This is the first release from Furious Rabbit and we hope to share more of our creations with you.

Seal of Ceron

"A milk run!" chuckled the leprechaun.

You and your party are getting paid well enough to travel to a set of obscure sea-caves, find some ancient inscription, and get a copy of it. Oh, and there's this other part about having to destroy the original. But then things start to get seriously weird! Find your way through a forgotten dungeon full of ancient, alien secrets.

Features new monsters! New art! New NPCs! All around great adventure, suitable for a single evening of play...and possibly a prelude to some major destruction in your local campaign city.

This is a GM adventure for Tunnels & Trolls 7.5.

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