Friday, July 5, 2013

Bedlam: A T&T Solo by Andy Holmes Re-Released by Tavernmaster Games

Andy Holmes is one of the best writers of T&T solo adventures in my opinion. He has the ability to convey real dread through his writing. Bedlam, released in pdf today by Tavernmaster Games, is an excellent example of Andy's horror-themed adventures. But this is not a typical adventure. While most solo adventures involve exploring crypts, ancient ruins, or tunnels, this one requires entering an asylum to rescue a missing nobleman. Who knows what terrors lie within? Like all of Andy's solos, Bedlam is atmospheric and fun, but you should not expect an easy victory.

Bedlam contains 38 pages with 200 paragraphs and features a full color cover and interior art by Jeff Freels. You can get the pdf from RPGnow for only $3.00. All proceeds earned from the sale of this solo will go to the JeffWerx Transplant Fund to help raise money for a kidney transplant for artist Jeff Freels and his wife.

Here are the details from the Tavernmaster storefront at RPGNow:

Many speak in hushed tones of the dark asylum brooding atop Goblin Moors, and of the unspeakable horrors that dwell within. Its sinister Master comes to town for supplies only at night, before his accursed carriage speeds away to the nightmarish building that is Bedlam. People vanish on the moors, and their corpses are found months later - drained of blood!

Recently, new scandal surrounds the asylum: the son of a nobleman disappeared on a hunting trip on the moors. His father has offered a reward for his rescue, but it is believed that the Master has imprisoned him in the asylum for some foul purpose. Will you, brave soul, being of sound mind, pass through the portal of madness into Bedlam?

Bedlam is open to any character up to level 3 with no more than 35 combat adds. Spell-casting does not work in the strange asylum, but magic-users are free to try their luck regardless. This classic solo adventure with over 200 paragraphs is compatible with all versions of Tunnels & Trolls and is here presented at last in its definitive edition.

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  1. I have the original Bedlam that looks home printed. It certainly deserves an update. Looks like I'm buying it.