Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Legends of Ogul-Duhr Parts I and II: Two Free T&T Solos from Tavernmaster Games

Tavernmaster Games has done it again. They have re-released two classic solo adventures by Andy Holmes and are offering them as FREE pdfs at their Tavernmaster Games RPGNow storefront. The two adventures are linked and both are set in the Halls of Ogul-Duhr, the ruined stronghold of a clan of ancient mountain dwarves. The first adventure, Halls of the Gorgon, leads your character on an exploration of the ruins in search of dwarven gold and jewels. But beware, a gorgon has laid claim to the ruins and stalks the halls looking for intruders. The second adventure, The Hidden Halls, assumes that someone has slain the gorgon and the Halls have been looted. But there is a secret entrance to the true Halls of the dwarves that lie beneath the caves of Ogul-Duhr. It is here that the greatest treasures of the mountain dwarves may be found. Both adventures are a lot of fun and, as always, deadly; so be warned. But then the rewards for those that survive the Halls may well be worth the risk. Besides they're free so what do you have to lose?

The shadowed Halls of Ogul-Duhr slumber 'neath the cold, harsh, jagged peaks of the Goblin Mountains. Once the lair of a proud race of mountain dwarves, the Halls are now almost in ruin. Since the dwarves left the mountain, adventurers have explored the deep caverns in search of dwarven gold, and some have found great riches. However, recent travellers' tales speak of an evil Gorgon that has claimed the Halls of Ogul-Duhr for her own, turning to unliving stone anyone foolish enough to enter. Still, rumours persist that the Halls are rich in gold, silver and gemstones, discarded by the dwarves. Some say that there are also magical dwarven weapons and armour in the deepest caverns. The Halls await you, filled with treasure and mortal peril.

This solo is aimed at beginner warrior characters with no more than 20 Combat Adds. Magic-users may enter, but are handicapped by the arcane enchantments of the caves and may cast only Take That You Fiend and Vorpal Blade spells. Equip yourself with some scrap paper for notes. Important: scribble down the paragraph numbers as you journey, as you may sometimes need to return to a previous paragraph.

Another mini-solo adventure for Tunnels & Trolls from Andy R Holmes and the Tavernmaster team. Edited to be compatible with version 7/7.5 of the T&T rules this classic solo is once again available.

The stranger trying to sell his scroll is a fool! The Halls of Ogul-Duhr hold no mystery now. The old Gorgon was slain months ago and the caves have been picked clean of treasure. You have even heard that Orcs have moved in!

"Ah, to be sure, squire," the stranger agrees, grinning. "Ye foul creature is dead, 'tis true, but this map shows a SECRET entrance, to the Halls that lie BENEATH the upper caves of Ogul-Duhr! For there waits great wealth and magic!"

"Legends of Ogul-Duhr II: The Hidden Halls" is a free solo adventure written by Andy Holmes for all editions of Tunnels & Trolls. It is suitable for beginner characters with no more than 30 combat adds, though magic-users may find their powers restricted by the eldritch nature of the caves.

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