Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Deluxe Tunnels & Trolls GM Screen Preview

Steve Crompton posted a sneak peak of the art (above) for the new dT&T GM screen at the Deluxe T&T blog. The GM screen was part of the Kickstarter campaign's $85,000 milestone. Everyone that pledged $14 or more will be receiving a pdf copy of the screen. There is also a printed cardstock version that will be available. The scene above includes images from seven different 5th edition era Flying Buffalo T&T publications including the 5th edition rulebook and the solo adventures Naked Doom, Labyrinth, Arena of Khazan, Blue Frog Tavern, City of Terrors, and Sewers of Oblivion. There's no word yet on what charts and tables will be on the chart, but I do like the nostalgic feel of the image above. The images are from the covers I saw in my local game store when I first started playing T&T in the late 80s. Having them all combined together in a single image is a nice surprise.


  1. I like how seamless the artwork on the screen looks.

  2. Yes, Steve Crompton is very good at this kind of collage work.
    I also like the idea of making all the stories behind those books a "shared world". Trollworld will be, I hope, an important part of the Deluxe edition. It will be fun to capitalize on the new background & maps to create our own adventures!