Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Fighting with Saving Rolls Part 4: A Few Tweaks

I've had some great discussion at the Trollbridge regarding my Saving Roll based combat system. One member there, Derv, has been playtesting the system with his gaming group and has developed some nice tweaks and additions to the basic rules I originally presented. In particular he suggested and implemented a much simpler and better way of determining the Saving Roll level needed to hit an opponent; no table needed.

After these discussions and my own continued playtesting, I have some modifications and additions to my Saving Roll based combat system.

Saving Roll Level To Hit: The target Saving Roll level is equal to the level of your opponent or MR/10 (round down). This reflects your targets ability to defend itself from attack. This does require the addition of a Level 0 SR with a target of 15.

Combat Ability (CA) for Monsters: CA for opponents with Monster Ratings is equal to their MR. The GM may raise or lower the CA of an opponent from this base as necessary. CA is not reduced as MR is reduced. Damage done by MR opponents is determined as usual.

Personal Adds (PAs)for Offense and Defense: Players may allocate up to 50% of the PAs toward their attack roll and up to 50% against their opponents attack roll rounded up. Offensive PAs may only be directed at a single opponent per turn whereas defensive PAs may be split among as many opponents as the character is directly engaged in hand-to-combat. Any number of PAs may be applied to damage.

Character Level Bonus: As with all other Saving Rolls in 7.5e, characters add their Level to their attack SR. This reflects the increased fighting ability of characters with higher levels.

Warrior Adds: As in 7.5e, Warriors get bonus Personal Adds equal to their Level that may be applied to offense, defense, or damage. This reflects the specialized training of Warriors.

Missile Fire: Personal Adds may be applied to missile attacks (up to 50%), but not to defense on a turn that a missile weapon is used. The Level bonus also applies to the missile fire SR. Characters being shot at, and know that they are being shot at, may apply defensive adds against one missile attack per turn.

Spell Casting: Any character casting a spell may not allocate PAs to attack or defense during that turn.

Spite Damage: As in 7.5e, for each 6 rolled in the damage dice 1 point of Spite Damage is delivered. If an opponent is hit, the target must take the maximum of EITHER (damage rolled - armor) or spite damage. So if only one hit gets through an opponents armor but three points of spite damage were dealt, the opponent takes 3 hits to CON or MR. This rule applies to characters and monsters.

Combat Stunts: A player may choose to perform an action other than a direct attack in a turn (trip an opponent, sneak up on an opponent, throw sand in someone's face, do a backward somersault, etc.). The success of that stunt is determined through a Saving Roll on the appropriate Attribute or Talent. No attack may be made or spells cast on the same turn and no PAs may be allocated to attack or defense.

Those are the modifications I have now. My next combat example will include these new rules. Brion and his companions will be facing a large group of opponents this time equipped with both melee and missile weapons and wearing armor. There may be more tweaks forthcoming as I try out more scenarios and (hopefully) a MR conversion system for published adventures if you want to try out this combat system in some solos or GM adventures.

Special thanks to Derv for all of his help.

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