Saturday, May 4, 2013

Conjuring Magic

Continuing my look at the Specialist Mage type, I decided to make a list of the spells that my Conjurer Ulthor may eventually come to know:

First level (INT DEX 10): Call Flame, Call Water, Dem Bones Gonna Rise, Hold That Pose, Oh Go Away, Sparkle, Will-O-Wisp

Second level (INT DEX 12): Spirit Mastery

Third level (INT DEX 15): Befuddle, Devoted Rain Cloud, Firestorm of Protest

Fourth level (INT DEX 19): Smog

Fifth level (INT DEX 24): Dear Lord, Mind Pox

Sixth level (INT DEX 30): none

Seventh level (INT DEX 37): Invisible Wall

Eighth level (INT DEX 45): Zombie Zonk

Ninth level (INT DEX 54): Mortal Source

Tenth level (INT DEX 64): Blow Me To...

Eleventh level (INT DEX 75): Blow You To...

Twelfth level (INT DEX 87): Banishing, Invisible Fiend, Summoning

Thirteenth level (INT DEX 87): none

That is a total of 22 spells for the Conjurer Specialist Mage. All of these spells are learned automatically as soon as the Conjurer has the ability to cast them. That means no out of pocket cost; for these spells that's a total savings of 106,000 gold pieces. A Wizard could set himself up nicely with that much money.

There are obviously some limitations with this list of spells. Ulthor won't be blasting his foes with bolts of arcane energy or death rays nor will he be healing anyone. He can't even enchant a makeshift wand. But, even at low levels, he can summon flame, water, and light, freeze his attackers in place, make them flee, or bind them to his will, or even raise an animated skeleton from the ground to fight for him. Given more power he'll be able to cloud and even incapacitate the minds of his enemies, create poisonous clouds and impenetrable walls of force, transport himself and others through space, raise zombies, and finally summon fiends and demons to do his bidding. He will be a Wizard to be feared and respected if he lives long enough.

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