Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Rogues Level Bonus

I wanted to clarify the bonus I give to Rogues as they advance through levels that I mentioned in my last post on my house rules for Level and Attribute Advancement.

In the 7.5 edition of T&T, Warriors and Wizards gain new abilities as they increase in level. Warriors get bonus combat adds equal to their level while Wizards get to cast lower level spells at a reduced WIZ cost equal to (Wizard Level - Spell Level). Rogues get no such bonus. I found this not to my liking, so I added a house rule for 7.5 to give Rogues a bonus when they increase in level.

The bonus is focused on the big strength of Rogues in 7.5, the Roguery talent. All Rogues start with Roguery as their beginning talent. Roguery is based in the highest attribute out of Intelligence, Luck, and Charisma. To this attribute you add the result of a roll on 1D6 as with other talents. The Roguery talent may be used in lieu of INT, LK, or CHR when a Saving Roll is required on any of those three attributes. I've discussed the power of the Roguery talent previously. Since Roguery is the distinguishing feature of Rogues in 7.5, this is what I decided to base their level bonus up (warriors have combat ability and wizards have spell casting).

My House Rule is:

Rogues gain a bonus to their Roguery Talent equal to their current level.

Therefore, you add your Rogue's current level number (even if it is 1) to your Roguery talent (not the Saving Roll). So a 1st level Rogue will have a Roguery Talent equal to the highest of INT, LK, or CHR + 1D6 + 1. The Roguery talent will increase by 1 for each new level gained in addition to any increases in the base attribute. Rogues still get to add their level number to their Saving Roll on 2D6 as with any Saving Roll on any attribute or talent by any character type.

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  1. Wan't granting a Rogue the ability to use the Roguery talent to replace ALL Saving Rolls on Luck, Intelligence, and Charisma the bonus Warriors & Wizards didn't get? Anyway, I like your house rule on Roguery. I think it does make sense. Maybe dT&T will have this rule...