Tuesday, January 8, 2013

DT&T Kickstarter News and Stretch Goals

As you can see to the right, the Kickstarter campaign for Deluxe Tunnels & Trolls is approaching 200% of it's goal. As a result of this success, there have been some new developments.

First, someone pledged $2000 and purchased Ken's personal copy of the T&T 1st edition rules. As a result, everyone who purchases a soft or hard cover copy of the DT&T book will receive a copy of the 1st edition rules. This is fantastic news. My hope is that this edition is offered as a PDF by Flying Buffalo at their RPGnow store even after the Kickstarter campaign has ended.

There have also been three stretch goals, or milestones, released. Here are the descriptions of the milestones from the Kickstarter page:

$50,000 Milestone

Ken will write a solo adventure specifically for the 1st edition, and we will send a PDF of that adventure to all our backers.

Ken will include new spells in the spellbook that he has been dreaming up for the last couple days, and he will write a new section of the rulebook about using miniatures with T&T.

We will include in the Deluxe T&T rulebook an 8-page tip-in of color plates. This will be in all the rulebooks. It will include the old cover from the City of Terrors solitaire.

Rick will recreate the famous "Official T&T Pencil - 1/2 Die Weapon When Sharpened". We will include one of these for everyone who has pledged $20 or more.

$60,000 Milestone

We will reprint the City of Terrors solitaire adventure by Michael Stackpole, with the original cover (mentioned above) and we will send a PDF of this book to all our supporters.

We will reprint a new, updated version of Rick's Buffalo Castle solitaire, the very first solitaire adventure published for any role-playing game, and provide a PDF to all our supporters.

$75,000 Milestone

We will include a second 8-page tip-in of color art, at least half of which will be new, previously unseen art.

We will include an 11x17 poster with the art from the City of Terrors cover to everyone who has ordered Bjorni's Map of Trollworld (we'll mail them together).

We will reprint Ken's first solitaire adventure, Deathtrap Equalizer Dungeon, and include a PDF of it to every backer.

That's a lot of great added material for each milestone. If the campaign makes it to the $75,000 milestone, more are promised. So if you have not supported DT&T yet, do so. Even if you just pledge $28 for the softcover copy, you'll get the majority of these bonuses. You're going to get a lot for your money.

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