Friday, December 28, 2012

Hobb Sized Adventures: Eight Free Solos and Counting

One of the great new Tunnels and Trolls resources to come out in 2012 was Hobb Sized Adventures, a new blog created by Charlie Flemming dedicated to providing free mini solo adventures for T&T on a regular basis. At the outset, Charlie proposed to publish a mini solo of about 20 paragraphs every two weeks either by himself or contributed by another author. This was an ambitious goal. While Charlie did not make that goal, he did publish a nice catalog of eight solos in about six months, five of which he wrote himself. That is something to be proud of in my opinion.

True to his word each solo is only about 20 paragraphs and can easily be completed in under an hour. The shortest is the first solo, Tomb of the Toad, with only 11 paragraphs. It sounds short, but it makes for a great adventure. The longest solo, The Harvester of Souls, is still only 34 paragraphs and was a special solo for Halloween. One way to increase the replay value of short solos like these is to include tables to randomize monsters, traps, and treasures. Charlie made great use of this mechanic in Challenge of the King which at only 15 paragraphs is short but with these three tables can be very different each time you play.

Here is the list of solo adventures that you can find and play for free at Hobb Sized Adventures:

Tomb of the Toad by Charlie Flemming

Adrift in the Ocean by Mark Thornton

Duck Soup by Charlie Flemming

Challenge of the King by Charlie Flemming

Fairyland by Mark Thornton

Dark Deeds and Cabbages by James Fallows

The Harvester of Souls by Charlie Flemming

The Tower in the Marsh by Charlie Flemming

If you have not done so, you should definitely roll up a character and try these adventures out.

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