Saturday, December 29, 2012

Deluxe Tunnels & Trolls Website

There is now a website dedicated to providing news and feedback about Deluxe Tunnels & Trolls from the games designers including Ken St. Andre, Steve Crompton, Liz Danforth, Bear Peters, and Rick Loomis. This is definitely the place to go for behind-the-scenes information on DT&T. You can even post comments and questions about the project that will be answered.


  1. Yeah, and I wish I could give you some behind the scenes info, but the rest of the team is saying keep a lid on it till we know what we're doing. Honestly, gang, I've never really known what I'm doing. I'm more like a Nike commercial. I just do it.
    :) Ken

  2. Very nice post Dan! From Ken's comments,looks like the website will be limited to the amount of information they want to release. :(

  3. Hang tight, guys. We will definitely be giving you a lot to chew on as quick and as much as we think we can. Part of the problem is simply man-hours (and woman-hours!) in which to do it. You want us posting here or working on getting this bird off the ground!?

    Once we do, you'll probably get sick of hearing... :)

    If you follow Twitter, get on board with @DeluxeTnT too. We're fairly lively talking there too.

  4. (And yes, Dan... thanks for helping get the word out!)