Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Free T&T Solo Adventures Direct From the Authors

Here is a list of T&T solos available to play online or as downloads. These solos are made available either directly by the author or with the authors permission.

These solos can be played with any edition of the T&T rules. If you don't have one yet you can get an abridged version of the T&T 5th edition rules here.

If you have trouble coming up with enough characters, you can find an excellent character generator here.

If for some reason you don't have enough 6-sided dice, you can find a very useful online dice roller designed specifically for T&T here.

Solos to Play Online

Buffalo Castle by Rick Loomis

The Eye of the Serpent by Andy Holmes

Khosht by Ken St. Andre

Hela's House of Dark Delights by Ken St. Andre

The Old Dwarf Mine by Roy Cram

Sorcerer's Solitaire by Walker Vanig

Labyrinth by Lee Russell

Dargon's Dungeon by Bill Hart, Michael Stackpole, Paul O'Conner, Liz Danforth, and Pat Mueller

The Blood Wars of Saxon by Tom Grimshaw

Dark Rising by Tom Grimshaw

The Murren Moors by Heinomynous

Tomb of the Toad by Charlie Flemming

Duck Soup by Charlie Flemming

The Challenge of the King by Charlie Flemming

The Harvester of Souls by Charlie Flemming

The Tower in the Marsh by Charlie Flemming

Fairyland by Mark Thornton

Adrift on the Ocean by Mark Thornton

Dark Deeds and Cabbages by James Fallows

Solos to Download

The Barony of Sanris by Patrick Witmer

Dark Side of the Desert by Patrick Witmer

No Rest for the Weary at War by Patrick Witmer

Queen Scorpions and Lady Nymphs by Tori Berquist

The Sunk of Tarsus by Tori Berquist

The Bullow Lands by Tori Berquist

The Temple of Issoth by Dan Hembree

Escape from Khosht by Andrew Greene

Four Jars of Mead by Ken St. Andre

Goblin Lake by Ken St. Andre

Down Time by Michael Eidson

Beneath the Arena by Scott Grant

Soul Survivor by Sid Orpin

Night Walk in the Wild Woods by James Fallows

That's a lot of adventures for free! Play them and let the authors know how much you enjoyed them.

Please remember that the contents of these sites are the copyright of the authors. Publishing the contents in any form without consent of the author is forbidden.


  1. Great post Dan, thanks! The "Night Walk in the Wild Woods" link goes to Trollzine #6.

    1. Thanks Anem. "Night Walk" was published in TrollsZine! #6 along with "Soul Survivor" so that is where you can download it to play. Remember that each issue of TrollsZine! is free.

  2. Nice list (and thanks for the link), I hadn't seen the Tori Berquist ones before. Thanks for putting this together!