Friday, December 21, 2012

Free T&T GM Adventures Direct from the Authors

What's that? You're lucky enough to have a group of eager players together ready to play some T&T but you don't have an adventure ready to go? Check out these GM adventures provided absolutely FREE by other T&T fans, long-time contributors, and it's creator.

Gristlegrim by Ken St. Andre

Riverboat Adventure by Ken St. Andre

Temple of the Whispering Dark by Tori Berquist

The Tomb of Agathor by Tori Berquist

The Restless Mausoleum by Salvatore Macri

The Hunt by Salvatore Macri

Bludgeons and Flagons by Justin T. Williams

The Wild Woods by Russ Westbrook and Scott Grant

The Horned Hold by Stephen Dove

Ice Exile by Mark Thornton

Bats in Dabelfry by Jason Mills

Something in the Wind by Jason Mills

The Rainy Day Puzzle Dungeon by Jason Mills

The Pharaoh's Tomb by Jason Mills

The Kare Bears Dungeon by Jason Mills

The Dungeon with No Name by Jason Mills

The Dungeon's Dungeon by Jason Mills

The Tomb of Dipsom Dints by Andreas Davour

The Tunnels and Trolls Random Dungeon Generator

That should keep your group busy for a while.

Please remember that the contents of these sites are the copyright of the authors. Publishing the contents in any form without consent of the author is forbidden.

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