Monday, January 2, 2012

Itash the Grim: Second Level Wizard

In his three delves into Buffalo Castle, Itash managed to earn enough Adventure Points to rise to the second level. Not bad for a lone wizard. Itash was lucky enough to have his Constitution and Luck increased while adventuring inside Buffalo Castle giving him a nice boost for combat. As is my custom, I used the attribute boost for gaining the second level to increase Itash's Luck by 4 (I should note that I am playing using the 5th edition rules). Why Luck? That's four more personal adds and Luck is the most commonly called on attribute for Saving Rolls, especially in solo adventures. Itash had also earned enough cash to purchase four second level spells from the Wizard's Guild. Nice. He also picked up a lantern and some spare oil for future expeditions. Itash did suffer a lot of injuries in his last delve once I introduced Spite damage, so he will likely use the bulk of his remaining wealth convalescing in a Guild dormitory carving wooden rings and dreaming of his next adventure.

Name: Itash the Grim
Type: Wizard
Kin: Human
Level: 2

ST 14
IQ 14
LK 21
CON 15
DEX 12
CHR 10

ADDS +11

Treasure: 65 sp, 75 gp, 1 jewel (300 gp)
Adventure Points: 1270

Weapons: Kukri (2D+5, 20 wu, 15 yd), Haladie* (2D+9, 15 wu, enchanted), Common sling w 100 stones (2D+0, 60 wu, 100 yds)

Armor: Back and breast (5 hits, 200 wu), Greaves (2 hits, 40 wu), Gauntlets (2 hits, 25 wu), Greek helm (2 hits, 35 wu) [Total 11 hits, 300 wu]

Equipment: Warm clothing and pack, calf high boots, lantern, 2 spare oil skins, 20' silk rope, Delvers package, 1 days provisions, 5 wood rings

Weight carried: 460/1400

Languages: Common, Elven

First Level Spells: Detect Magic, Knock knock, Lock Tight, Will-o-wisp, Oh There It Is, Take That You Fiend, Vorpal Blade, Oh-Go-Away, Hocus Pocus, Teacher

Second Level Spells: Poor Baby, Glue-You, Cateyes, Hidey Hole

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