Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Dungeon of the Rat: GM Adventure from Lone Delver Games

I have just released a new version of the GM adventure The Dungeon of the Rat along with the town of Millet's Crossing in cooperation with the author, Mike Hill (aka Hogscape), through my Lone Delver Games storefront at RPGnow. This is a fantastic starting adventure for low level characters. All proceeds earned from the sale of this book will be donated to the JeffWerx Transplant fund, which will go toward kidney transplants for Jeff Freels (aka Grumlahk) and his wife Raquel.

You can currently get a pdf copy from RPGnow, but hard copies will be available from Lulu next week.

Here are the details:

The village of Millet's Crossing is a small and unassuming place. There is little of interest to the wandering sword-for-hire except for a nice inn and a general store. But the Troll's Trove provides a welcome bit of rest and relaxation to your band of road-weary adventurers. Just as soon as you have settled in, however, your host offers you a rather odd business proposition. It seems that the Troll's Trove has rats in it's cellar and these rats are stealing things all over town. What is really odd is that they are leaving behind small jade rat statues. A nice reward awaits those that can clear out the infestation and put a stop to the thefts. It appears to be a simple task, but one must be careful; even rats have gods.

This book contains details for the village of Millet's Crossing and the Dungeon of the Rat which lies right beneath the calm, rural community. The Dungeon of the Rat is suited for a party of four to six first-level characters. A mix of character types is recommended including at least one wizard and one rogue.

The Dungeon of the Rat is designed for use with the Tunnels and Trolls™ game system. You will need a copy of the T&T™ rules to play this game.

Special Note: All proceeds earned from the sale of The Dungeon of the Rat will be donated to the Jeff and Raquel Freels Transplant Fund. Jeff is a great friend and contributor to the Tunnels and Trolls™ community. Both he and his wife are in need of kidney transplants.


  1. Dungeon of the Rat is one of my favorite T&T adventures. I had the fun of taking my children through the first part of it a couple of summers ago. They had a blast--and it was their first introduction to it. I wonder, does this new edition have all the levels in it? I have an older version of the gamebook but I think it stopped at 1 or 2 levels of the vaults, if memory serves me correctly.

    -Taran Dracon the ORC of Trollhalla

  2. I see that James Shipman will be selling The Dugeon of the Rat, claiming that it has been updated by you especially for Outlaw Press.

    1. I never saw IdArcanaRes's reply until just today when I visited this page again after searching for "Dungeon of the Rat T&T"... Yes, you are correct: back when Jim was publishing Hobbit Hole magazine, I was editor for issue 5, and also did some editing for issue 6 (although he ended up switching to a different editor for issue 6). The point is, I edited the Dungeon of the Rat for grammar/syntax but not content, for its inclusion in one of the Hobbit Hole issues, and it was published there. It was also published in a "campaign book" setting (info at ), but it is now available at by Lone Delver Games.