Saturday, April 7, 2012

Inspiration from Clip Art

I ran across this illustration in my collection of digital public domain art while thinking about the art and layout for TrollsZine #5. It really grabbed my attention and got my imagination working. Who is this person? He is sitting next to the crumbling remains of some ancient statues, obviously Egyptian but let's forget that aspect of the real world for now. Perhaps he sits on the outskirts of a ruined city. Arranged before him on a large carpet are several items clearly taken from a hidden cache of treasures. What does he have? Where did he get them and how? Is he offering them for sale? What price will he demand for them? Is he human or some horrible demon in disguise waiting to lure in unsuspecting delvers? Do you even dare to find out the answers to these questions? This strange merchant has definitely earned a place in my solo sandbox series.


  1. For some reason, I saw it as a giant sitting between two massive(Giza Sphinx scale) statues.

  2. He does look like a giant. Maybe he's like the Sphinx where you have to answer his questions in order to enter the tomb.