Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Zealot: New Specialist Character Type

In the 7th edition of the T&T rules, Ken introduced the Specialist character type to augment the traditional Warrior, Rogue, Wizard, Warrior-Wizard assemblage of character types. These operate a bit like Warrior-Wizards in that creating one requires a bit of luck. You must roll triples on some key attribute and then end up with a attribute value of 15 or greater. Ken provided the Specialist Mage, Ranger, and Leader as part of the rules. Since then others have created other Specialist types. In response to a recent query from Ken to the members of Trollhalla concerning the link between attributes and character types, I came up with my own new Specialist: the Zealot.

The Zealot

A Zealot is a fanatic who seeks to persuade others to follow his/her cause; the cause may be religious or secular in nature, it is entirely the players choice. The player does need to have a clearly defined cause or belief and a means to promote this cause and further it's spread through the world.

Zealots have powerful personalities; if you roll natural triples in Charisma and get at least a 15 in that attribute you may create a Zealot.

Zealots have received some training in weapons and are somewhat knowledgeable in the ways of magic. As a result, Zealots may use any type of armor or shield and any weapons that get 3 or fewer dice (unlimited adds) to full effect. Zealots may use weapons that get more than 3 dice but only receive half their personal adds when doing so. Zealots get bonus combat adds equal to their level but no armor bonus. Zealots may also learn to use magic one level beneath their own, but they must learn spells the same way as Rogues and have the same limitations as Rogues regarding magic use.

The Zealots true power comes from their ability to draw others to their cause. Whenever a Zealot enters a village, town, or city he/she may make a Saving Roll on Charisma. For each level of success the Zealot gains one Citizen follower. This follower will do as the Zealot commands as long as it is reasonable and fits into the fulfillment the Zealot's cause. The Citizen(s) will have attributes equal to 3D6 rolled in order and will have no weapons, armor, or any equipment other than the clothes on his/her back. The Zealot must outfit each follower and pay for his/her upkeep. Failure to provide for followers will lead to desertion or outright rebellion against the Zealot. If a Zealot fails the Charisma Saving Roll, he/she loses 1 point of Charisma. If the Zealot fumbles the Saving Roll (i.e. rolls a 3), then he/she loses 1 point of Charisma and the populace turns against the Zealot. The Zealot will be driven from the village, town, or city and may even be attacked or thrown in prison (GMs prerogative).

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