Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Tunnels & Trolls Products For Sale

The number of legitimate places to purchase Tunnels and Trolls rules, adventures, and supplements is growing. Here is a list of places to go to find authorized T&T products for sale and for free:

Flying Buffalo (print)
Flying Buffalo (pdf)

The home of Tunnels and Trolls where you can find rules, supplements, solo adventures, and game master adventures old and new.

Fiery Dragon (print)
Fiery Dragon (pdf)

The publisher of the 7.x edition of Tunnels and Trolls, Fiery Dragon will be publishing more adventures this year as well as a new version of the 7.5 edition rules.

Lone Delver Games (print)
Lone Delver Games (pdf)

My own publishing company specializing in T&T solo adventures (five so far) but GM adventures as well.

Peryton Publishing (print)
Peryton Publishing (pdf)

An excellent site containing several T&T GM adventures, supplements, and the Elder Tunnels series which is a can't miss for anyone looking for a large number of T&T GM adventures. Peryton Publishing is also the official home of New Khazan the T&T science fiction supplement.

Tavernmaster Games (pdf & print)

A newly formed publishing company composed of a number of major talents including Andy Holmes, Sid Orpin, Jason Mills, Andy James, Jeff Freels, Mari Volmar, and Simon Lee Tranter. Tavernmaster is currently offering three excellent solo adventures with more to come.

Fabled Worlds (pdf & print)

The home of Jeff Freels T&T products including stock art and of course BEAN! the D2 RPG. I highly recommend Escape from Khosht by Andrew Greene which is an excellent solo adventure and FREE.

Zodiac Gods Publishing (pdf)

The storefront Tori Bergquist where you can find The Troll's Companion and The Keepers of Lingusia as well as issues of The Sorcerer's Scrolls.

Postmortum Studios (pdf)

Typically a storefront for buying some exceptional stock art, you can also find the T&T Specialists supplement which includes five new Specialist types.

Eposic (pdf)

Mike Eidson, who runs The Troll Mystic website, has published Seek and Ye May Find, a short solo adventure that features active links.

Slloyd14 (pdf)

Lloyd of Gamebooks storefront where he has recently listed his solo, Temple of the Fool God. Look for more to come.

David Ullery (pdf & print)

David Ullery has illustrated many of Ken St. Andres new solo adventures. He now has his own solo available, Tower of Terror. More are promised soon.

Trollish Delver Games (pdf & print)
Trollish Delver Games (pdf)

Scott Malthouse of The Trollish Delver blog has a T&T solo and GM adventure available as FREE pdf downloads or print on demand books.

TrollsZine! (pdf)

You can't forget TrollsZine!, the fan-created source of adventures, house rules, art and more that is available FREE of charge from the Flying Buffalo store at RPGnow / DriveThruRPG.

You cannot miss with any of these options. Now go forth and shop! Happy delving.


  1. When I saw you divide PeryPub into Print and PDF, I was worried there for a second. Nicely done.

  2. Great post, nice to have everything listed in one place for easy reference.

  3. Thanks for the list (and my inclusion on it!) It will help a lot as I work on my T&T collection....especially the PDF side of it, since I've discovered its rather fun to drag T&T around on my Nook Tablet.

  4. Good stuff. I've tweeted the link, will also share it on my G+ RPG circle.

  5. Many thanks for the list and my inclusion on it! I will be releasing a couple of solos in the near future (April time). Watch this space.

  6. This needs to be a sticky - can one make a sticky on Blogspot? Maybe a separate site of its own. And updated frequently. Perhaps as a segment of Trollhalla? This is so VERY useful!

    *jeep! & God Bless!