Thursday, December 15, 2011

Crypt of the Wolf Prince

I've just published my fifth solo adventure for Tunnels and Trolls, Crypt of the Wolf Prince. This adventure is designed for a newly created character of any type (yes, even wizards) and includes a magic matrix. Crypt of the Wolf Prince is the first in a continuing series of solo adventures I will be producing set in a massive ruined city outside the border town of Cheapham.

You can pick up a pdf copy at my RPGnow Lone Delver Games storefront.

The ruins of a vast and ancient city that lay just a few miles outside the town of Cheapham have always been the subjects of stories and legends. But while most people in town have a story to tell, none have ever made the trek to the ruined city. A few desperate adventurers have made the journey, but none have ever returned. You have also heard the tales of great wealth to be taken from the crumbling remains of ancient temples and palaces. In particular the locals have spoken of a great warrior prince who was buried in a tomb at the edge of the city. The legend says that he was buried with a great hoard of gold. The townspeople have warned you about the price paid by those that travel to the ruins, but the reward for success is very tempting. Do you dare enter the CRYPT OF THE WOLF PRINCE?

This solitaire adventure is suitable for a single, newly created, first level character of any type with up to 20 adds. You may use any weapons, armor, or equipment you can afford. Missile weapons and magic use are also allowed. Three pregenerated characters are provided if you do not have the time or desire to create your own.

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