Wednesday, August 11, 2010


The third issue of TrollsZine has arrived at the Trollbridge Lulu Storefront and RPGNow for the unbeatable price of $0. This issue is bigger than ever with 82 pages of adventures, rules elaborations, short fiction, adventure locations, new monsters, spells, and magic items. There's even a review of The Tomb of Baron Gharoth. The editors, Dan Prentice and Kevin Bracey, have done a phenomenal job in making the project a continuing and improving reality.

The contributing writers include Ken St. Andre, Justin Williams, Randy Whitley, Patrice Geille, Tori Bergquist, Andrew Greene, Andy James, Jeff Freels, Mike Tremaine, W. Scott Grant, Dan Hembree, Dan Prentice, Lee Reynoldson, Simon Rafe, and Tom Grimshaw. The contributing artists include Jeff Freels, Kevin Bracy (also responsible for the excellent cover), David Ullery, Mike Hill, Grant Ennis, Alex Cook, and A. Kelly. As you can tell from these long lists, there is no shortage of talented writers and artists in the T&T community and it appears that the TrollsZine will never be left wanting for quality material.

There just so happens to be a solo adventure by yours truly, The Temple of Issoth, as well as one by Ken St. Andre, Four Jars of Mead. I must admit that I never thought one of my solos would end up in a publication with the man himself. The Temple of Issoth is a short solo. I managed to keep it to a trim 76 paragraphs. Writing short solos is a challenge; I tried to strike a balance with the fewest number of paragraphs with the maximum amount of choices and action. I'm definitely interested in getting some feedback from those of you who give it a try.

I've only had a chance to browse through this issue so far. I'll need to make some time to sit down and read it in detail. I'll definitely give Four Jars of Mead a try. There are also two GM adventures that Bludgeons and Flagons (designed for trolls) by Justin Williams and The Tomb of Agathor by Tori Bergquist that look quite good. I also spotted a few new magic items, spells, and monsters to entertain the delvers currently exploring The Lost City. How can you go wrong with a carnivorous, fire-breathing, death camel? Thanks Justin.

You can download TrollsZine 3 for free from Lulu or RPGNow.


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