Sunday, August 1, 2010

Phineas the Red Part 3

Phineas the Red had survived another dangerous adventure and managed to collect an impressive amount of treasure. This time, however, most of his prizes were magical in nature and he earned very few liquid assets. Lucky for him though, these items either came with instructions or their properties were revealed by Mongo and Six Pack thereby eliminating the need to pay for the services of a wizard.

Phineas did acquire enough experience to increase his proficiency as a warrior, or in game terms to increase his level. As a Level 2 warrior, Phineas now gets +2 to his personal adds and +2 to his saving rolls. That should serve him well in the future. Phineas also managed to increase three of his attributes. The cup of tea offered by the female dwarf on the barge increased his Strength and Constitution. He had the opportunity to increase each by 1d6, but I managed to roll a 1 and 2 respectively. Phineas earned enough APs to increase his Luck by 1. He earned a few APs toward his other abilities, but far fewer than he did in his last adventure.

Phineas picked up quite a few magical items in this adventure. He has the magic sword offered by Mongo which he was able to purchase for a mere 400 gp. This sword served him well against the werewolf, so he did not want to give it up. He also has an amulet (with instructions) that fully restores his CON every full moon. Not too bad. Next there is the grey elf cloak that makes his practically invisible when standing still and the piggy bank that can hold an unlimited number of gold coins and only weigh one pound. Obviously Phineas plans on keeping all of these items. But he gained little in the way of cash, only 20 gold and 80 silver coins. Most of the cash and gems went to Six Pack. In order to get some more cash and lighten his load, Phineas sells his saber for 22 gp then buys a new lantern to replace the one Six Pack lost in the lake as well as some provisions to keep him fed while traveling. Then it's off to the tavern for a bit of fun and adventure of a different kind.

When Phineas wakes up the next morning, he has very few coins left in his belt pouch but he feels confident that he can fill it once again. The only question now is, what adventure will Phineas take on next?

Phineas the Red

Type: Warrior
Kin: Human
Level: 2 (+2 adds, +2 SRs)
Level AP: 1412/3000

STR 15 (0/150)
CON 15 (8/150)
DEX 13 (62/130)
SPD 13 (29/130)
INT 11 (21/110)
WIZ 6 (0/60)
LK 15 (26/150)
CHR 10 (5/100)

Adds: +10

Thievery (DEX +3)

Bright green skin

Money: 11 gold, 1 silver

Long sword* 4+0, (*enchanted, takes 8 hits, returns with 'Help')
Poniard* 2+0, 10 wu (*enchanted, x2 vs undead)
Bank 2+3, 20 wu

Haubergeon 4 hits, 240 wu
Bracers* 4 hits, 20 wu (*enchanted, +1 hit each)
Greaves 2 hits, 30 wu
Open-face helmet 2 hits, 35 wu

Total Defense: 12 x 2 + 8 = 32 hits

Magic Items
Magic ring (Doubles personal adds during 1st combat turn)
Amulet (1200 gp) (Fully heals CON three times per full moon)
Piggy Bank (100 gp) (10 wu, holds unlimited # gold coins)
Grey Elf Cloak (100 gp) (Invisible when standing still)

2 days provisions
First-aid kit (5 uses)
Flint and steel
Lantern and oil
3 spare flasks of oil
Small mirror
50' silk rope
Grappling hook
2 small sacks
Water skin
Green silk cloak
Ankle-high hard boots
Leather belt
Belt pouch
Cotton trousers and shirt

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