Tuesday, August 10, 2010

New Additions

In the interest of keeping things up-to-date on this blog, I've added some new links to the right.

Most gaming blogs have a "What I'm reading" section so I thought I would do the same, if just to remind myself what book is lying around my house half-read. As you can see I am currently reading the first book in David Gemmel's Troy series, Lord of the Silver Bow.

I have added two new online solos that have appeared since I started this blog, The Blood Wars of Saxon and Dark Rising. These are the first two parts of the Secrets of Saxon trilogy by Tom Grimshaw and first published in TrollsZine volumes 1 and 2.

I have also added a new section, Free Print Tunnels & Trolls Solos, which are solos that you can download as pdf, Word, or html files. The list includes three well-illustrated solo adventures published by Patrick Witmer (Barony of Sanris, Dark Side of the Desert, and No Rest for the Weary at War), one solo by Tom Grimshaw (The Blood Wars of Saxon) first published in TrollsZine vol. 1, and three classic solos by Tori Bergquist (Queen Scorpions and Lady Nymphs, The Sunk of Tarsus, and The Bullow Lands) published in The Sorcerer's Scrolls in the mid-80s.

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