Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Translating French Tunnels & Trolls

One of the big new releases for T&T last year was a French 8th edition of the T&T rules headed by Patrice Geille. Since the release of this new rulebook, Patrice has released two GM adventures, Drunk Dwarf (aka Riverboat Adventure) and Chasing the Silver Serpent (aka Trollstone Caverns) both by Ken St. Andre and three solo adventures including a revised Buffalo Castle by Rick Loomis, Goblin Lake by Ken St. Andre, The Last Count (aka Naked Doom) by Ken St. Andre, and Caves Lan-Faer (a combination of Toughest Dungeon in the World and Strange Destinies) by Ken St. Andre. All of these books have been of exceptional quality and have featured new art by T&T greats such as Liz Danforth, Steve Crompton, and Simon Lee Tranter.

Patrice also has an excellent T&T blog which has featured a great deal of gaming content in recent months. The only issue, for me at least, has been that it is in French (a language that I am sadly unfamiliar with). But I recently tried the translate feature in Google (but I'm sure any search engine will do, perhaps some will do better) and found the result most rewarding. The translation was not perfect and sometimes took a few tries to complete but it was certainly intelligible and, most importantly, I could see all of the great material Patrice had to offer.

So what is there? In the March archive there are two detailed NPC descriptions, a one room (or cave) GM adventure, and a new spell description. In the February archive there is a nice article on bringing your deceased characters back as zombies or ghosts and a 12 room mini GM adventure. Keep delving back through the months to find interesting house rule articles (including a nice description of priests in T&T), discussions of T&T rules, additions and expansions to previously published adventures, links to freebies, and even an interview with Ken St. Andre. There is a lot to find and there should be more to come.

So go to your favorite search engine, type in "Tunnels et Trolls", and try out their translation service. You can try the one I used or your own. If you are able to read French, I'd highly recommend having a look at Patrice's storefronts at Lulu and RPGNow.


  1. There is a miniatures game, Confrontation, years ago when it was translated from French to English, the 'Tough' skill/talent/ability was translated as 'Difficult to chew'.

  2. Mm, well, you know, I started Tunnels & Trolls before even learning English at school (English is my third language), and I would have been very pleased to enjoy the benefits of automated translation back then. At that time, it took me a good dictionary and hours of work to have some idea of the T&T character creation rules.
    Of course, no machine-translation tool would tell you that a good translation of Les cavernes de Lan-Faer would be The Caverns of Hael' :-)