Friday, April 5, 2013

Buy Directly From the Trollgod

Looking for a new solo adventure to challenge your best T&T characters? Need a new GM adventure for your gaming group? Searching for something obscure? Do you prefer good old paper book instead of PDFs? Well, you can buy a number of new and old T&T items directly from the Trollgod himself, Ken St. Andre, through his Trollhalla Press outlet. He'll even autograph them for you making your new purchase that much more exciting (and collectable). Ken is selling hard copies of most of his recent T&T works such as the solos Four Jars of Mead, Battle School, The Dewdrop Inn, and Tavern by the Sea, GM adventures like Dwarf World and Seven Challenges of Kartejan, some older items like Toughest Dungeon in the World, and even some 7.5 edition Tunnels & Trolls boxed sets.

For more details see Ken's post at Trollhalla Press


  1. The APRILBOOKS13 promotion code is valid and will get you 20% off any order in the US shop of Time to go shopping!

  2. I prefer to get stuff directly from Ken as he autographs them for me. I wish Gary Gygax did the same when he was alive.