Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Ardenstone Adventures Character Generator

If you have not tried out the online Character Generator at Ardenstone Adventures I highly recommend that you do so. This tool makes short work of the already quick job of creating T&T characters.

One of the great features of the Ardenstone Generator is that you can select to use either the 5th and 7.5 edition rules. Switching between the editions will bring up or remove the unique features of the two editions including character types, talents, spells, and equipment lists.

As with most character generators, Ardenstone rolls your attributes and starting gold. The attribute list includes Speed and Wizardry for 7.5e players or those wishing to use them with older editions. You can choose between three methods of generating your attributes: rolling straight 3D6, taking the best 3 of 4D6, or the TARO (triples add and roll over) system of 7.5e. This is a really nice feature of the generator. When using TARO, the generator will indicate when triples were rolled with a blue asterisk next to the attribute score. The generator will even generate a height and weight if you want to use them. If you so choose, all of these randomly determined numbers in the character sheet can be manually adjusted.
In addition to generating your attributes, your melee and missile adds will be calculated for you along with your total weight possible (this will be important later), and a randomly generated list of languages known based on your INT score.

Next you can select your preferred kindred from a pull down menu and the generator makes all the necessary adjustments to your attributes and adds. Given your finalized set of attributes you then select your type from another pull down menu. This list is modified based on your characters attributes so that the only types that are listed are the ones your character is qualified for; no need to flip through the rules. This is especially useful when using 7.5e as the three different Specialist types (Specialist Mage, Ranger, Leader) only appear when those special qualifications are met. The same is true for the Warrior-Wizard (5e) or Paragon (7.5e). If your character does not have the ability to cast 1st level spells, then the Wizard option is removed.

If you selected a spell casting type, the generator will provide you with a list of spells known. For Wizards this is a list of the first level spells. If you were lucky enough to generate a Specialist Mage you can select your magic specialty of choice (Combat, Conjuring, Cosmic, Metabolic) and you are given those spells which belong to that school. If you are a 7.5e Rogue, you can choose a single spell from a pull down menu.

Next, if you are using 7.5e, you can choose a starting talent. The generator provides the 1D6 modifier and you type in your talent of choice and choose the most appropriate attribute from a pull down menu. If you are a Rogue, then the Roguery talent is already selected.

The last major step is outfitting your character with weapons, armor, and equipment. This can be a difficult task sometimes given the extensive lists in T&T, but the Ardenstone generator comes through to make this much simpler. In it's default setting, the generator will only list the items that your character can afford and the weapons and armor that your character has the appropriate ST, DEX, and type to use. Purchasing items is accomplished with another pull down menu where you select the number of each item that you want. Simple and efficient. As you spend money, the list is constantly modified to reflect what you can afford. In addition, the generator keeps track of your weight carried and further modified the list of available items. Finally, when you purchase weapons and armor the generator makes a list of your attack values (dice + adds) including your personal adds and the total hits absorbed by armor. You can select to wield one weapon, weapon and shield, or two weapons (if you have the appropriate attributes) and these values will be adjusted accordingly.

You can finish your character by providing him/her with a gender and a name. There is a link provided to the Tavernmaster Games random name generator that makes this process easier as well.

As I said at the start, this is a fantastic T&T character generator that exceeds any others I've used. That said, it is a work in progress. There are just a few minor issues that I noticed:

7.5e Rogue: The generator gives a starting spell choice list even if you don't have the INT and DEX to cast 1st level spells.

7.5e: There are no extra Talent slots if you start at 2nd or higher level based on your attributes.

7.5e: Specialist Mages are not given spells above 1st level even if they have the necessary attributes and level to cast them.

7.5e: The "Misc" equipment list is incomplete, but then it is rather long.

Most of these you would not notice except under a certain set of circumstances. The Ardenstone Character Generator has been improving since it's first release and I'm sure it will continue to do so. But even with these minor problems it is an exceptional T&T utility.


  1. Thanks for the review, Dan. I'm going to have to give Rrrhombuss a glory point or two for all his hard work. Sounds like the generator I'll be using to make pre-gen characters for the convention season this summer.--Khenn Arrth

  2. Thanks for the kind words! I should link to this as help text for how to use the dang thing. :) Another feature: it's available in French! Grrraall translated the entire page (if you create a user account and set the language to French in the forum you'll see it, or try just passing in the language ID directly:
    http://www.ardenstoneadventures.com/pages/editChar.php?transid=101). Just FYI in case you have a secret bunch of French followers...

    I'll have to look again at the Specialist mage spells, I thought I'd fixed that but maybe that's only if you save the character and then gain a level. Good point about the less able Rogues, and the Talent was my laziness when I finally got talents working! If you go in to a saved character (after you create it) it will note how many talents you have left unassigned and you can add them there. Not so handy if you're just creating and printing, though. Thanks for the feedback, I'll add it to my "to do" list! It's a fun project and glad to hear folks using it (and always love suggested changes).