Sunday, October 3, 2010

New T&T Blog and Solo Links

A new Tunnels and Trolls blog, Troll Hammer has been started. This blog will include a regular Creature Feature consisting of detailed write-ups of original monsters for T&T 7.5 edition. These monsters will be submitted by the members of Trollhalla. The first entry to the Creature Feature is by someone named Ken St. Andre.

I have also added three links in the two free solos sections. These links are courtesy of Mahrundl over at the Trollbridge.

The first is an online solo called The Murren Moors designed for three characters. The adventure takes place in a swamp and includes a nearby castle that the player can return to in order to rest, recuperate, buy new weapons, or hear rumors. It's a nice touch. This is an old solo, apparently, having been written in 1998. Mahrundl stated that this solo was once on the defunct Castle of Otranto Tunnels and Trolls site.

There are also two new Free Print solos available. The first is a solo by Tim Lowell entitled The Warren which originally appeared in The Hobbit Hole #14. In this solo the player must save a colony of moles from a merciless band of ogres. The second solo is Down in the Sewers where you undertake a mission in the sewers for the Rat Catcher's Guild. Doing what I wonder? This nice site also has a number of interesting supplementary material for Tunnels and Trolls including a potion list, a talents list, and a very useful chart summarizing all of the rules for each character type in the 7.5 rules.

I have not played any of these solos so I can't make any recommendations. I've only given them a quick once over to see what they were about or if there were any interesting mechanics. But more T&T solos are always a good thing.

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  1. Dan, thanks for the shout-out regarding TROLL HAMMER, much appreciated.