Thursday, May 6, 2010

One of Those Nights

I have released my latest solo, One of Those Nights, over at RPGNow. I've also uploaded it to Lulu if you are interested in printed copies; I'm just waiting for the test prints to arrive before I make it available at the Trollbridge storefront. The cover illustration is by Mark Hughey.

One of Those Nights

You made your way to the Stalwart's Tavern not long after noon. You could not resist the tales of its fine ale and questionable clientele. Now the tavern is closing and the bouncers are moving everyone out into the street. You left your room at the Wanderer's Inn with the bare essentials, a few small blades and some light armor. But now the streets are dark and the city guards are rarely seen. This is not the time to be wandering around alone. But it is only a few blocks back to the inn; what could happen? Now if you could only remember the way back. You notice that one of the bouncers is approaching and his hand is moving toward the large club hanging from his belt. Suddenly you realize that this is going to be...One of Those Nights.

This solitaire adventure contains 178 paragraphs and is suitable for a single low to mid-level, humanoid of any type with 25-35 personal adds. You may bring weapons with up to 2 dice and up to 5 points of armor. Limited magic use and missile weapons are also allowed. One of Those Nights is designed to be played using the Tunnels and Trolls game system. You will need the T&T rules to play this game.

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