Saturday, April 24, 2010

Phineas the Red Part 2

Phineas the Red has survived his first adventure and obtained wealth beyond his wildest imaginings. Phineas has also gained some valuable experience from his adventure. Although he is still a novice, Phineas feels a bit more confident in his abilities. Using my custom Level and Abilities system, Phineas has gained 292 APs toward his warrior level and gained a significant number of APs toward increasing his Dexterity, Luck, and Speed.

The first thing to do is to get out of town. Those serpent priest will certainly be looking for him and it wouldn't be wise to be caught at the local pawn shop haggling over the value of the Eye of the Serpent. Once he is safely out of town, Phineas sets about trying to sell off some of his stolen goods. Using the saving roll system I presented in my post on Treasure in Solos, Phineas was able to get almost 600 gp including the coins he scrounged from the slain serpent priests and guards. Phineas failed his SR when trying to sell the magic tome and the strange gold item; all of the other treasures were sold at 40% of their value (1st level SR) including the Eye of the Serpent. This netted him a mere 400 gold for the massive emerald, but what else would you expect when trying to sell a gem stolen from a cult with giant snakes at their disposal? Phineas decided to keep the green silk cloak, magic ring, magic bracers, and magic poniard; they were just too nice to sell. He had the local wizard determine the magical properties of his enchanted treasures for 150 gp (50 gp each to cast Omnipotent Eye, another solo house rule of mine). With his pockets satisfyingly full of coins, Phineas headed to the local merchants to purchase some better equipment and then went carousing for the night with his remaining gold.

The next day, Phineas wakes with a pounding headache and mostly empty pockets. Well, he always has the tools to get more money. Phineas packs his gear, straps on his armor, and checks his weapons. What challenge will he face next?

Phineas the Red

Type: Warrior
Kin: Human
Level:1 (292/1000)
Level AP: 0

ST 14 (0/140)
CON 13 (0/130)
DX 13 (38/130)
SPD 13 (29/130)
INT 11 (0/110)
WIZ 6 (0/60)
LK 14 (123/140)
CHR 10 (0/100)

Personal adds: +6

Thievery (DEX +3)

Money: 5 gold, 21 silver

Saber 3+4 60 w.u.
Bank 2+3 20 w.u.
Poniard* 2+0 10 w.u. (*enchanted x2 vs undead)

Haubergeon 4 hits 240 w.u.
Bracers* 4 hits, 20 w.u. (*enchanted +1 hit each)
Greaves 2 hits, 30 w.u.
Open-face helm 2 hits, 35 w.u.

Total Defense: 12 x 2 = 24 hits

Magic ring (doubles personal adds during 1st combat turn)

First-aid kit (5 uses)
Flint and steel
3 flasks of oil
Small mirror
50' silk rope
Grappling hook
2 small sacks
Water skin
Green silk cloak (35 gp)
Ankle-high hard boots
Leather belt
Belt pouch
Cotton trousers and shirt

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