Tuesday, March 9, 2010

One of Those Nights

I've finished the writing phase of my solo adventure, "One of Those Nights." This is the quickest I've taken a solo from concept to completion, at least as far as the writing is concerned. It is currently around 150 paragraphs long. Sure, I had planned on 60 paragraphs maximum but you never know where an adventure will lead until it is finished. This adventure was a bit different than others I have written. It is set on the streets of a small part of a city. For that reason it is not a linear adventure. You are free to wander wherever you like within the city square and can always backtrack if you feel the need. Therefore it is possible that the adventure can be very long or very short depending on which way you go. I also allowed running away from fights if things start to go badly; well most fights anyway. Of course running away means you go back to your previous location and face the potential of a random encounter. But these can be bad or good depending on what you roll.

I always enjoy adding an extra challenge to my solos. I designed "House in the Hills" so that your character starts with nothing; no equipment, armor or weapons of any kind. I thought that would be a little harsh in "One of Those Nights." However, your character starts the adventure after a night on the town so there is hardly a reason to have your 50' of silk rope, 8 flasks of oil, delvers kit, plate mail, flamberge, and longbow. In this adventure you can start with any weapons with up to 2 dice and any number of adds as well as 5 hits worth of armor (before the warrior bonus).

So what remains? First up is play testing. I have two people ready to run through the adventure. Then I may have to make adjustments to the encounters and some of the mechanics. Next up is my least favorite task in solo creation: re-numbering and scrambling the paragraphs. Then there are one or two more checks to be sure I didn't screw anything up when shuffling the paragraphs around. Once that is done, it's off to TrollsZine #2 and I start up a new project.

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