Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Lost City for T&T

I've always enjoyed the TSR module, The Lost City. I know that could be considered heresy by some for a blog about Tunnels and Trolls gaming, but this adventure is simply one of the best of it's time. It contains all of the elements for a great adventure. You're lost in the desert with dwindling supplies and stumble across an ruined city buried in the sand. As you start to explore and plunder you find that it is still inhabited. With this first encounter you become involved in the dangerous infighting and politics of the remains of an ancient civilization. I've played it a couple of times, but only as one shot games and certainly no where near to completion. The module contains enough information to run this adventure as a long-term campaign. I have never run it myself, but would love to do so. I have been thinking about retooling it for use with T&T and running it as a Play-by-Post game either at the Trollbridge or on Rpol.

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  1. I heartily approve! B4 has unlimited campaign potential and its "pulpy goodness" is crying out for a T&T conversion.