Thursday, January 16, 2014

Tunneling Out

The last part of 2013 was busy, but I am beginning to dig my way out and carve out some time for gaming and, I hope, this blog.

Currently I am playing my way through Tales of Stercoran, a series of five, short (~20 paragraph) interconnected solo adventures published by Tavernmaster Games. I've managed to get a character through the first two solos alive. Once I make it through all five I'll write up a summary of the lucky survivors exploits. So far I am really enjoying the solos; they are short, but richly detailed and a lot of fun. Best of all they can be played even when time is limited.

I'm also getting my play-by-post games up and running again at the Trollbridge and Roleplay Online. If you're a player in any of my T&T games on these sites and have not checked back in, please do so.

My other big obligation is TrollsZine! #8. I had to let this project slide for a couple of months, but I am back to work getting the latest issue out. We have a full complement of articles for TZ8 including a new solo adventure, GM adventure, monsters, weapons, and short stories. Now I am working on editing and gathering artwork. I expect to have TZ8 finished by February or March.

I released a new GM adventure through Lone Delver Games in 2013, The Skolari Vaults, written by Mike Hill and illustrated by Jeff Freels. If you have not done so you can pick up a PDF copy at RPGnow. All profits go to the Jeff Freels Transplant Fund, a worthy cause that will go a long way to help a good friend. I will be working on a print version as well which will be available through Lulu so stay tuned. I plan to get back to work on my own writing projects as well. I have started development of a new solo adventure that will be the second in the solo sandbox series I started with Crypt of the Wolf Prince. If all goes according plan (chuckle) that should be finished around June 2014.

As far as The Lone Delver is concerned, I have several drafts of posts to get back to covering combat, magic, monsters, and more. So much to do...

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