Friday, October 26, 2012

New Elder Tunnels and More from Peryton

Peryton Publishing has released their latest issue of Elder Tunnels. This is their annual Halloween issue, and it's a good one. It features a solo adventure, "Curse of the Three-Eyed Stone," by David Crowell of H'rrrothgarrr's Hovel, a GM adventure, "Junior's Return," by David Moskowitz (author of Amulet of the Salkti), and two monster descriptions, "The Bone Lords" by Peryton's own Tom Loney and "Woe Hound" by Jerry Teleha of The Delving Dwarf. Obviously the theme of this issue is horror, "Junior's Return" in particular; it is not for the squeamish. At only $5.99 for the pdf it's quite a bargain.

Also "recently" released by Peryton Publishing is When Good Games Go Bad, a solo adventure by Roy Cram author of the T&T solos Mistywood, Gamesmen of Kasar, and The Old Dwarf Mine. Good Games is a science fiction solo adventure intended to be a sequel to Gamesmen of Kasar and uses the New Khazan sci-fi T&T supplement by Tom Loney. Like many T&T solo adventures published recently, Good Games also includes expanded background information and notes to turn the solo into a game master adventure. Good Games features a color cover by Jeff Freels as well as a couple of interior B&W illustrations. A pdf will set you back a mere $3.00.

Not recently published (August actually), but recently purchased by me is the GM adventure Hot Nights in Lowhollow, an adventure by Tom Loney set in Scott Malthouse's (The Trollish Delver) Peakville setting. This is described as an "in-between" adventure in which characters can spend some time exploring the town of Lowhollow. Who says you have to go crawl into some dank caves or crumbling ruins to find trouble? Hot Nights lays out notable places, people, and events in the town of Lowhollow, as well brief descriptions of several scenarios to run players through. While not heavily fleshed out, this book provides a nice starting point for some great adventures. You can get a pdf of this one for only $2.25.

As a side note for those who think that there are no published GM adventures for Tunnels and Trolls, here are three.

You can find all of these fine T&T items at the Peryton Publishing web store.

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