Sunday, September 16, 2012

T&T Blogging: Solo Dungeoneer

Ken St. Andre brought my attention to a blog, Solo Dungeoneer, that's been covering Tunnels and Trolls recently. The author is planning on using the Mythic GM Emulator to run some T&T adventures. So far, the Solo Dungeoneer has posted a nice overview of the 7.5 edition boxed set, a list of possible dice modifiers for weapon types in special situations (tight areas, open areas, dense areas, open areas, etc.), a method of randomly determining damage allocation in combat, a nice modification to the saving roll system where the Level 1 target is 15, and an interesting description of how to handling combat stunts so that there is added risk in failure. There are some really good ideas there; I'm certainly planning on trying some of them out. I'm looking forward to seeing what the Solo Dungeoneer comes up with next.

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