Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Where to Buy Tunnels and Trolls Products

If you're looking for the places to purchase Tunnels and Trolls items online, the best places to go are the Flying Buffalo website, RPGNow (aka DriveThruRPG), and Lulu.

Flying Buffalo is a straightforward enough choice; they are the official publishers of T&T after all. Go to their website to find an array of new and old adventures and supplements. You can find their T&T page here.

If you enjoy your RPG accessories in PDF format, one of the best places to shop is RPGNow (also known as DriveThruRPG). There are currently 86 different T&T related items available on RPGNow including the complete 7.5 Edition box set, GM adventures, solo adventures, rules supplements, and magazines. Some of these items (like TrollsZine!) are even free. For a quick look at what is available go to the RPGNow T&T items here.

If you still prefer your gaming material to come in a nice paperback book, check out the print-on-demand publisher Lulu. There you can find a number of solo adventures, GM adventures, magazines, and even the French edition of the T&T rules. Check out Lulu's T&T list here. Of course when shopping with Lulu you should always wait for one of their many sales and save a lot of money, so be sure to register before you buy.

There are several reasons to shop at these sites. In most cases, you will be purchasing directly from the authors, especially when shopping at RPGNow and Lulu. You will also get the lowest prices when you do so. There's no reason to pay outrageous mark-ups from second-hand dealers; buy direct. Finally, by purchasing from the authors of these products you help to encourage the production of new T&T material which is something that we all want to see.


  1. Flying Buffalo appears to be out of all versions of the rules. I picked up 5.0 used recently and have been looking for a copy of 7.5. Would you recommend holding off on 7.5 in favor of the "Deluxe" edition mentioned on the Flying Buffalo page?

    1. I like (most of) the 7.5 edition rules. They are not completely different from the earlier version of the rules (the Saving Roll is still the basis of everything), but do offer some nice alternatives for character types, character advancement, and magic. You can get the PDF of the 7.5 edition rules for $15 and that includes a solo adventure and GM adventure by Ken St. Andre.

  2. 7.5 can be found directly from Fiery Dragon's website as well.

    And, obviously, avoid Outlaw Press products.

  3. Thanks Dan. There's a bunch of stuff I'm want and hope that sale comes soon. Good advice (about the sale). It's something I wish someone told me earlier.

  4. Replies
    1. That is correct, Fiery Dragon is not currently printing copies of the 7.5 edition boxed set, there is only the PDF version. There has been some talk of Fiery Dragon releasing a re-packaged version of the 7.5 edition, however.