Sunday, August 5, 2012

Two New Solos from Tavernmaster Games

Tavernmaster Games has rolled out two new T&T solo adventures: Sideshow by Andy Holmes and Andy James and Rapscallion by Sid Orpin.


Written by Andy Holmes and Andy James featuring art by Jeff Freels this solo contains 69 paragraphs and includes a separate GM version of the adventure with maps. It is designed for first level characters of any type and includes a Magic Matrix.

Roll up! Roll up! Come and visit the Sideshow. With time on your hands after a night of satisfying all of your desires what better way to spend a few happy hours than to enter the colourful tents that you discover down a quiet alley in an unknown part of town? After all, what could there be here that would pose any sort of threat to an adventurer like you?

Sideshow is a mini-solo adventure for use with Tunnels & Trolls. It was designed with the 5th Edition of the Rules in mind but can be easily adapted for other Editions. It is suitable for first-level characters only and some magic spells are permitted.

In addition to the solo adventure, this special edition includes a section with descriptions and a map that will allow it to be used as a GM Adventure.

WARNING: Contains bizarre, bloody violence, mild peril and some sexual references.

You can get the PDF for $1.00 from RPGnow; that's an absolute steal. As an added bonus, all proceeds from the sale of Sideshow go the Jeff Freels Transplant Fund.


Written by Sid Orpin featuring a nice cover illustration by Simon Lee Tranter and some interior art by William McAusland this solo contains 142 paragraphs and a Magic Matrix. It is designed for 1st-3rd level Rogues using the 7th edition rules.

You have always sacrificed a little of your hard-won gold to Ylsenor, the god of the rogues. In return, you have enjoyed more than your fair share of good fortune. Today, just as you think your luck has finally run out, your deity snatches you from death's jaws, but now you are expected to entertain the great Dissembler. Take on his challenge, and prove his faith in you is well founded, and the rewards may be great. Fail him, and you may never have the opportunity to pay homage to him again...

Rapscallion is a solitaire Adventure module for play with Tunnels & Trolls. Only Rogue characters of 1st to 3rd level may explore its 142 adventure paragraphs. It has been written with the 7th/7.5th Edition of the Rule Book in mind, though it will adapt to earlier Editions.

You can get the PDF for $2.00 from RPGnow, another incredible bargain.


  1. Nicely done Dan. :0).

    I was going to put a post on these myself as they look excellent. :0)

  2. Thanks for the review Dan. I purchased both!

  3. From the excellent track record of the authors, you can be sure both products will provide high value for little money.
    However, I would rather buy a printed version, if available.