Friday, April 22, 2011

New Solos Published

A number of new Tunnels and Trolls solos have come out in the last couple of months. If this deluge is any indication, 2011 seems to be the year for new T&T solos. I'd better get back to work on my own.

A Traveler's Tale by Ken St. Andre

This adventure is a recreation of an oldy but goody, The Mad Dwarf, which originally appeared in White Dwarf Magazine in 1982. In Travelers Tale you are trying to make your way home with a pack full of treasure when a group of dire wolves starts to hunt you. As you run, you see a house appear in the mist with smoke coming from the chimney. Do you run for the house or try to face the wolves? A Traveler's Tale has been designed for use with the 7th edition rules and is suitable for a single human, elf, dwarf, or hobb character with less than 100 adds (1st-3rd level). I'm not quite sure what that means, so I'll have to send some scouts in first to test the water. The solo contains 49 paragraphs and a random treasure generator. It contains several quality illustrations by David Ullery. You can get a pdf copy from RPGnow for $2.99 or a printed copy from Flying Buffalo for $8.95.

A Sworded Adventure by Ken St. Andre
This is another reprint of a classic T&T solo which first appeared in Sorcerer's Apprentice #5 in 1979. In this solo, you're in the city of Khazan simply trying to get your sword fixed. What's the worst that could happen? Pickpockets, uruks, and undead that's what. A Sworded Adventure is also designed for the 7th edition rules and is suitable for a single human warrior with 50 adds or less. This solo can send your character to other Flying Buffalo solos including Arena of Khazan and Naked Doom, so be warned. A Sworded Adventure contains 31 paragraphs and is once again illustrated by David Ullery. You can get a pdf copy from RPGnow for $2.95 or a printed copy from Flying Buffalo for $8.95.

Escape from Khosht by Andrew Greene

This yet another solo that has been around for a while that has been given new life. Escape From Khosht has been available for FREE on Blue Frog Tavern since 2002. Now it has been revamped and republished by Fabled Worlds and is marvelously illustrated by Jeff Freels. In Escape From Khosht you and two comrades have just taken part in the theft of a valuable diamond, The Eye of the Beast. But once you obtain the gem things start to go very wrong and you are soon running for your life through the streets of Khosht. This solo has been designed for humans, dwarves, elves, and hobbs of any character type with 75-95 adds. There are some restrictions on the total number of weapon dice allowed (10) and hits taken (12). Spell casting is allowed and instructions for the use of combat spells and other spells are provided. There are three pregenerated characters available to use (a wizard, rogue, and warrior) as well as details for your two NPC comrades. Escape from Khosht contains 97 paragraphs and many nice illustrations. You can get a pdf copy from RPGnow for FREE!

Catch It If You Can by Brian Penn

This is a bit of a science fiction twist from the standard T&T solo. Catch It If You Can has been published by Peryton Publishing in it's Winter-Spring 2011 edition of Elder Tunnels. Each edition features a different theme, and this one was science fantasy. Catch It is a short solo where you find yourself working for a company that provides bio-enhancements. I'm intrigued about what can happen here. In the process of playing you appear to be able to purchase your own bio-enhancements and sci-fi gear. The solo is designed for characters of levels 1-3 of any type or kin (I think). Catch It contains 32 paragraphs but only one illustration. When you buy Elder Tunnels you not only get the solo but also two science fantasy GM adventures; it's quite a bargain. You can get a pdf copy from RPGnow for $4.99 or a printed copy from Lulu for $7.99.

Depths of the Devilmancer by Scott Malthouse
This new solo has been released today and is written by the author of the Trollish Delver blog. In Devilmancer you travel to Port Gloomstorm where strange devil-creatures have been carrying the good townspeople away. There is a cavern outside of the town said to contain untold riches. Could the two be connected? Devilmancer is written for the 7th edition rules and designed for a single warrior of level 1-3 with 30 or fewer adds. The solo consists of 40 paragraphs and some public domain artwork. You can get a pdf copy for FREE from Lulu or a printed copy for $4.53 also from Lulu.

I plan on playing through each of these solos in the coming weeks and posting brief play reports and reviews. I'll be doing the same with a couple of other solos that have come out this year and I've mentioned previously. I'll pull Phineas the Red out of limbo and use him where I can to see if he can obtain more glory and gold.


  1. Cool. I'm looking forward to your play reports.

  2. Hey, thanks so much for highlighting Devilmancer and I hope you enjoy it. Looking forward to seeing your reviews - I was playing Sworded just yesterday.

    Just one little request. I don't suppose you could link to Trollish Delver in the body of the article please? It would really help with my SEO and spreading the word of T&T. Using 'Trollish Delver' as the anchor text would be great!

    Kind regards,

    Scott M