Tuesday, March 19, 2013

TrollsZine! #7 Has Been Unleashed!

TrollsZine! #7 has been unleashed!

The seventh issue of the fan-created magazine for Tunnels and Trolls™, edited by Dan Hembree, contains 74 pages of quality content brought to you by the fans of the game for absolutely free. This issue features a solo adventure, “The Wizard’s Hut” by J. C. Lambert, a GM adventure, “The Ruins of the Castle Pynnesse” by Tori Berquist, and a short story, “Sometimes the Saving Rolls Are With You” by Ira Lee Gossett. TrollsZine! #7 also includes articles on new types of undead and a new type of golem, a town just waiting for your delvers hard-earned money, ways of personalizing T&T character types, special attacks for monsters, gunpowder weapons, advice on solos for starting characters, and more.

Contributors to TrollsZine! #7 include Tori Berquist, E. P. Donahue, Patrice Geille, Ira Lee Gossett, Dan Hembree, Val Kelson, J. C. Lambert, David Moskowitz, Dan Prentice, Douglas Toth, David A. Ullery, and Justin T. Williams. TrollsZine! #7 is amazingly illustrated by Darrenn E. Canton, Alexander Cook, E. P. Donahue, James Fallows, Jeff Freels, J. C. Lambert, Simon Lee Tranter, David A. Ullery, and Joshua E. Ullery. The cover art is by Jeff Freels with the cover layout, design, and TrollsZine! logo by M. E. Volmar and Simon Lee Tranter.

TrollsZine! is a Trollbridge production brought to you with the kind support of Flying Buffalo Inc., Ken St. Andre, and Rick Loomis.

Get you digital copy of TrollsZine! #7 for FREE at the Flying Buffalo storefront at RPGNow.

I would like to thank all of the writers, artists, and copy editors that have helped to make TrollsZine! possible. All of the material is freely donated by these talented and creative individuals. I hope that I have done their work justice.

Now go get your copy!


  1. Fantastic! Love the way the newest TZ looks, each issue is getting better and better. I have another T&T module in the works should you need it, just let me know.

  2. Flipped through and looks great...will find time to dig in over the weekend. Great job to all involved.

  3. Hi Dan, I've a few queries about TZ. Can you get in touch via email, please, at: editor at fightingfantazine dot co dot uk.