Sunday, July 29, 2012

New T&T Online Games and Resources

July has been a rather busy month leaving me with little time for posting or gaming in general outside of keeping up with my play-by-post games and managing TrollsZine!. Before July comes to a close, there are a couple of new T&T resources that have come online recently that I would like to mention.

The first is a new blog, Alchemy Gaming Blog, run by Tom Grimshaw which features a lot of T&T related content. It has recently finished a series of posts entitled "Week of the Troll" focusing on T&T. Tom also runs the excellent Tunnels of the Trollamancer T&T website and has written the Secrets of Saxon solo adventure series. Tom has already racked up 40 posts on his new blog this month so look for great stuff there.

The second is a new Play-by-Post game that I am playing in that has started at the Trollbridge, Isle of the Faerie. This campaign is set in a human-dominated empire where the other kin have been conquered and subjugated. The adventures are set on the Isle of the Faerie, the last stronghold of the Faerie kin to fall to the humans. The Isle is filled with ruins, mystery, and (hopefully) treasure. I am playing Banoc, a human rogue in poor health. This is my first adventure as a rogue so I am enjoying the new complexities of that role, including trying to get on of the wizards in our party to teach me a spell or two. The party includes some interesting characters including a leprechaun. The in-game posts are world looking through if just to see the antics of Ruby Redd.

There will be more to come later. Perhaps I'll get one more post in for July.

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